Sunday, May 28th Schedule

9:15 FORUM: home safety

Valerie Rude will be leading a discussion about making your home safe and accessible to older adults.

10:30 SERVICE: deaths and resurrections

Bob Hasman will be leading the service and giving his ideas about deaths and resurrections.


Sunday, May 21st Schedule


Poetry discussion: The focus will be on “The Presence,” by Maxine Kumin, but will also consider “A Limited Degree” by Leonard Cohen, and “The old me” by Ken Hood.


“Science has changed what we know about our external world while human beings must still deal with the same human organic emotional quests as people in the 1st Century tried to deal with in their creations of Christianity.  I will base my message on case studies in a “Bible Belt” community.”

Our guest speaker, Rev. Nels Oas, has a master’s degree in theology from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, and a PhD in behavioral science. Rev. Oas has been a UU minister for 30 years in California and Florida, and is a snowbird who spends summers in Wayzata, MN.



As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!  Bring a dish to pass if you please 🙂


Sunday, May 7th Schedule


Dana and Colten will be coming early to whip up some sourdough pancakes and fruit salad and other people will be bringing delectable food items too.   If you’re interested in checking out the UU, this potluck breakfast will be a chill way to meet some of the members and philosophize about life with each other.


The annual meeting includes adoption of the budget for next year, election of the board, recognition/reflection on the year just ending, and thoughts about the year ahead.


If you can, please stay after to help with the annual spring clean up!  Together we will make spring yard work enjoyable.

Sunday, April 30th Schedule

9:15 forum: energy audit for church and home

We will be talking about the recent energy audit the BHUUF had done, what was found, and what we are doing to make the building more energy efficient.  Pat will talk about how much the improvements will cost and how much money we estimate to save on our heating bills.  Waldo will talk about his experience with the energy auditor and what he learned.  Colten will talk about energy efficiency in buildings and some things people can do to save money on their utility bills.

10:30 service: milton’s Satan

John Milton, in his book Paradise Lost, depicts Satan as a very complicated and dynamic character.  A character that is a great speaker and very persuasive and charismatic, but manipulative, mean, and full of bad vibes.  Ken will lead a service that examines the literary value of Milton’s Satan and why Milton created this type of character in his book.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, April 23rd Schedule

9:15 forum: Transcendentalism Series #12, The 20th century and beyond

This will be the last forum for the transcendentalism series

10:30 service: Reflections of seneca falls

The Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will host a service in recognition of the progress women have made in the United States since the first first women’s rights convention in 1848. Marty Sozansky, who visited the site of that convention in Seneca Falls, New York, will reflect on her time there, her experience as a woman born in 1946, and how her career in business and higher education has shaped her perspective of herself and the Universe.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, April 16 Schedule

9:15 forum: transcendentalism series #11, the 19th century legacy

Emerson said that “Transcendentalism” was synonymous with Idealism.  His complete and complex philosophy brings in some of the best ideas from ancient wisdom, especially from Buddhism.

10:30 service: stealing jesus: a video sermon

Unitarian Universalists have an ambiguous and complicated relationship with Jesus. We may be okay with “God,” but when it comes to “Jesus,” we may feel that his message has become so compromised as to render him irrelevant for the 21st Century. The Jesus we know has been stolen from that place, and from the place in history that he deserves. Who stole Jesus, and why? And, should we try to steal him back?


11:30: third sunday potluck, all invited!

As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!  Bring a dish to pass if you please 🙂

Sunday, April 9th Schedule

9:15 forum: adaptive equipment

The hour-long presentation will be given by Valerie Rude, a licensed occupational therapist with 40 years of experience in the field. She will share from experience how adaptive equipment can be used in the home for making activities of daily living easier safer for elderly or disabled people.

10:30 service: Do people like to fight?

Do people like to fight, or do they simply get caught up in situations that necessitate fighting?  This talk tries to answer that question primarily from an evolutionary perspective, looking at human and animal nature and motivations.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, April 2nd Schedule

9:15 Forum: Transcendentalism series #10, theodore parker

“Theodore Parker was an American Transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church.  A reformer and abolitionist, his words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

10:30 Service: The shaman, the scientist, and the swamp walker

Bob Hasman will lead a service about what it means to be a shaman, a scientist, and a swamp walker and what these three categories have in common.  The service will also include a short ceremony for welcoming new members to the Fellowship.  Please come and join in welcoming Dana and Colten.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

12:00 Board meeting, all are welcome

Sunday March 26 Schedule


Dana Lind will be leading a very timely and interesting discussion about how to kindly interact with people you disagree with.  It’s easy for us to put up walls when another person’s beliefs or viewpoints are so different from our own.  Dana will share some tips to practice compassionate listening, understanding, and asking questions in order to try to find common ground or human connection in conversations with others who we might strongly disagree with.

10:30 Service: Myth,magic, and folklore

Phil Cooper and Susan Urban are full time touring musicians that form the duo called February Sky.  They will be leading a lively program that combines “traditional, modern, and original folk and Celtic music” with enlightening services for all ages, February Sky is set to deliver a lively program on “Myth, Magic and Folklore.”

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, March 19th Schedule


There will be a documentary showing of “Before the Flood” and a discussion to follow.  In the documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio collaborates with activists, scientists, and change makers to discuss how climate change is impacting life as we know it and how everyday people can be a part of the solution.  Child care will be provided during the film.

11:30 Potluck

As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!  Bring a dish to pass if you please 🙂