Sunday, December 11th

9:15 Forum: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

For the past century, the area now divided between Israel and Palestine has been in constant conflict over borders, culture, and politics. Judy Barisonzi will enlighten us to the history and current situation of this ancient land.

10:30 Service: The trilogy of prehistoric gifts compared with those about to come

What does this mean to you? As the title suggests, Ken Hood and Waldo Asp will likely inspire more questions than are answered as they put a philosophical spin on mankind’s past and future knowledge.

Sunday, December 4th

9:15 Forum:Image result for emerson educATION quote

Our Transcendentalism video lecture series continues with “Emerson’s Influence,” how Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas spread into the fields of education, religion, and politics.

10:30 Service:Image result for unitarian universalist principles

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to raise a family with Unitarian Universalist values? Our own Valerie Rude will share her experience of “The Adventure of Growing Up UU.”

12:00 Board Meeting (all are invited to participate)

Sunday, November 20th

9:15 AM Forum

owlNadine and Bryan Wetzel-Curtis will be providing Our Whole Lives training, helping people of all ages make informed decisions about their sexual health.

10:30 AM Service

We will investigate fasting as a spiritual practice, led by Linda Tollefsrud.

10:30 AM  Religious Education (Sunday School)

 Bob Hasman offers a kid-friendly exploration of Native Americans.


Join us for our 3rd Sunday potluck! ALL are welcome.

Sunday, November 13th


9:15 AM Forum Image result for emerson

We will be watching “Emerson and Transcendentalism,” Part 4 of The Great Courses video lectures, which will be followed by a group discussion.


10:30 AM Service

Join us as Linda Thompson speaks of Defying Hate, this year’s theme of the UU Service Committee. Inspired by the documentary, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War, the program aims to increase awareness and support for human rights despite the hate and bigotry in our nation today.