Sunday, August 18th Schedule

Drumming & Poetry … rhythm and rhyme?   Prepare to participate and enjoy both ! as the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists bring Don Karsky of St Croix Falls to teach us a few things about drum circles.  Mr Karksy is well known on the western edge of the state for leading an uplifting spiritual experience through hand drumming and the power of the spoken word. 

All are invited to attend Blue Hills UU services, and this particular morning, are encouraged to bring a drum;  if you don’t have one Mr. Karsky will have extras to share.  And if you have a favorite poem focused on the spiritual or natural world, bring it to share during this service.

Participate or observe:  it’s your choice – but we’re certain you will be engaged by the energy of this morning service which begins at 10:30 a.m., Sunday August 18th.   And who knows?  Those interested might establish a drumming circle of their own, as the beat goes on.

This being “third Sunday” of the month also means there will be a Pot Luck luncheon following the service;   all are welcome to join in.  

a drum circle led by Don Karsky

Sunday, August 11th Schedule

Marty Sozhansky will reflect on “The Way of the Book: A Journey”.

Sunday August 11th brings Marty Sozhansky of the Duluth congregation to conduct the service for Rice Lake’s Unitarian-Universalists. Reflecting on the importance of reading and how it leads to associated membership in book clubs, Sozhansky will reflect on “The Way of the Book: A Journey”. Believing that books and participation in book clubs “inform life immeasurably”, she will explore how participation in stems from a true interest in literary analysis and broadening our understanding of cultural issues, as they also fulfill our need for fellowship.

All are welcome to attend the service beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday, August 4th Schedule

Waldo Asp will be leading the 10:30 Service at the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist fellowship in Rice Lake on August 4th.  In tandem with Jill Forster, Mr Asp will broach the realm of “forms of belief”, provocatively entitling their presentation as “God Spelled Backward”.   Knowing of their interest and history with the canine world, the morning promises to bring some surprises to the congregation and a lively session.

After the service, all are invited to gather for light refreshments in the fellowship hall. 

Sunday, July 28th Schedule

On July 28th, the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists bring Professor Emeritus Pat Shifferd to the fellowship to lead a forum on “Animal Intelligence and Emotions” for the 10:30 a.m. service.  Shifferd finds this rich and complicated topic is anchored in “a wonderful body of research scientists have amassed, both in the field and in controlled conditions.”  

Shifferd also notes the topical link to the UU Seventh Principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”, enhances opportunity for an engaging and thoughtful discussion period.

After the service, all are invited to gather for light refreshments in the fellowship hall.

photo by Pixabay user “joakant” – source

Sunday, July 21st Schedule

The 10:30 Service, Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist fellowship will be led by Linda Tollefsrud, calling members to consider “What’s in a Name?”   Is it more true that “the pen is mightier than the sword” or that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?  How shall we name the sacred?  Is it too powerful to be named?  Or, is naming -or not- irrelevant? 

Nourishment for body and soul always follows the service with fellowship, and on this “Third Sunday” of the month, a pot luck generally takes place;  all are invited.

Sunday, July 14th Schedule

On Sunday July 14th, Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists will consider “An Architect’s Subversive Re-Imagining of the US-Mexico Border Wall.”  This “TED Talk” forum will take the place of the morning service, with a discussion to follow led by Geri Nedland.  There will be a time for fellowship and snacks afterwards.  All are welcome to attend and take part.

Quote: “The trouble is, you think you have time” – Buddha

Sunday, July 7th Schedule

We look forward to the service of guest Rachel Carter this Sunday July 7th.  Ms. Carter serves as ministerial intern at the Eau Claire UU congregation, and is a third year seminary student at Iliff School of Theology. An active advocate regarding Post-Traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma and invisible disabilities, Carter has served as a broadcast journalist assigned to Armed Forces Network-Korea as well as the Wisconsin National Guard. She describes herself as mother, wife, military veteran, a person with multiple disabilities, advocate and spiritual seeker. Spiritually, Carter notes that she has been “exploring a Quaker identity” in her ordination process with the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

rachel carter
Rachel Carter

Having just attended the national UU General Assembly in Spokane WA, Carter  shared the experience of her life altering identity change and how Unitarian Universalism influenced her journey towards healing and ministry, and also ways we can enhance our efforts as UU congregations to be inclusive and accessible.

Sunday, June 30th Schedule

Members of the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist fellowship of Rice Lake will be traveling to Menomonie WI this coming Sunday, June 30th., to attend a service and luncheon hosted by the neighboring Menomonie congregation.  The joint gathering will bring four fellowships:  River Falls, St. Croix and Rice Lake together in Menomonie.

The Service begins at 10:00 in the legendary Mabel Tainter Theatre, the original home of the Menomonie Unitarian fellowship.   Built by the Tainter family in memory of their daughter Mabel, the Tainters also established the first Unitarian fellowship in Menomonie.

A luncheon will follow the service, and guests are welcome to attend;  those in need of a ride may call BHUU to sign up and ride along with one of the Rice Lake members, 715-234-6337.

The Mabel Tainter Theatre in Menomonie, WI.

Sunday, June 23rd Schedule

Sunday June 23 will find the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists reflecting on the meaning of work, and take a corresponding look at the US job market.  The service begins at 10:30, conducted by member Judith Barisonzi who will lead the congregation to consider “What is work and why it is important?”  Or why it may not be.   

sign with the words good thought, be united

A time for discussion and nourishment always follows in the fellowship hall. BHUU is located at 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake, where all are welcome.

Our thanks to Jill Harding of Ellison Bay, WI for her Good Thoughts.

Sunday, June 16th

Sunday’s June 16th  Service at Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship carries the message of courage and action found in the stories of Quaker Action-American Friends Service Committee.  

BHUU member Linda Thompson will share the inspiration she’s found in these stories, both in the examples and characteristics of outstanding leadership.  There will be time to share experiences witnessed in leaders we admire, both within our own UUA organization and our community.  

The Service begins at 10:30 and is always followed by a time for nourishment and camaraderie in the Fellowship hall. 

A Quaker tapestry.