Sunday, April 16 Schedule

9:15 forum: transcendentalism series #11, the 19th century legacy

Emerson said that “Transcendentalism” was synonymous with Idealism.  His complete and complex philosophy brings in some of the best ideas from ancient wisdom, especially from Buddhism.

10:30 service: stealing jesus: a video sermon

Unitarian Universalists have an ambiguous and complicated relationship with Jesus. We may be okay with “God,” but when it comes to “Jesus,” we may feel that his message has become so compromised as to render him irrelevant for the 21st Century. The Jesus we know has been stolen from that place, and from the place in history that he deserves. Who stole Jesus, and why? And, should we try to steal him back?


11:30: third sunday potluck, all invited!

As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!  Bring a dish to pass if you please ????