Sunday, April 30th Schedule

9:15 forum: energy audit for church and home

We will be talking about the recent energy audit the BHUUF had done, what was found, and what we are doing to make the building more energy efficient.  Pat will talk about how much the improvements will cost and how much money we estimate to save on our heating bills.  Waldo will talk about his experience with the energy auditor and what he learned.  Colten will talk about energy efficiency in buildings and some things people can do to save money on their utility bills.

10:30 service: milton’s Satan

John Milton, in his book Paradise Lost, depicts Satan as a very complicated and dynamic character.  A character that is a great speaker and very persuasive and charismatic, but manipulative, mean, and full of bad vibes.  Ken will lead a service that examines the literary value of Milton’s Satan and why Milton created this type of character in his book.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks