May 17, 2020

“Incoherent Rants!” ~?~

Our friend, visiting pastor Dennis Peters, returns to Blue Hills UU this coming Sunday, May 17 as we once again gather on ZOOM for our service at 10:00 a.m. Dennis warns us ahead of time: “I’ll be taking apart some cherished ideas, beliefs, and emotional ties here, walking down corridors that we’ve all visited… but with an axe this time.” Further explaining that “sometimes there is a need is for clarity – the clarity after lightning strikes, and the air is newly fresh, and the building you were standing in is now in charred ruins around you” his topic meshes with the times we are living through.

Those unafraid to challenge their beliefs will find the link needed sent to them by email later this week. All are welcome to participate however — serious parties wanting to take part may contact Ken Hood > for the link needed to join the service.