BULLETIN > 3/18/20

To:   Our fellow Blue Hills UU’s –

RE:   We’re BLUE … BOO hoo hoo …

Your Blue Hills UU Board will be following not only the directives of WI Public Health agencies and Gov Evers, but our own good conscience, and deferring services until such time as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.   There will be one.   


We’re also looking to find ways to stay in contact with YOU and each other – email is excellent, we have a website and a Facebook page … and both our Regional and national UUA are setting up various manners of staying in touch via cyberspace.  We will advise you of all.  This link will take you to the Regional:  uua.org/midamerica

So stay in contact, keep us posted as to your status / stay well and Keep the Faith ~ we’ll be back! 
Your fearless leaders –


Jude Gx, Mark VanEtten, Pat Shifferd, Judy Barisonzi, Valerie Rude, David Hart & Linda Thompson

March 15, 2020

As part of the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist 10 a.m. church service, Sunday March 15th will feature a discussion of the the UUA’s common read, “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the U.S.”   Most of us know bits and pieces of our country’s past experience with first inhabitants, but this enlightening text shares the depth of U.S. history rarely covered.     Former Lay Leader April Nielsen will lead the fellowship in exploring the dynamics of this text.

Religious education is offered to our youth at 10:30, and the “Third Sunday” potluck will take place after the Service.   All are always welcome at BHUU, located at 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake.  

March 8, 2020

The 10 a.m. Service at Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist fellowship, March 8th reminds us of our responsibilities to the sacred home we are blessed with, Mother Earth.  How has civilization driven trouble for the earth?  And how might we develop an ecologically sustainable future?   Our service leader Dr. Kent Shifferd, offers two brief homilies: “The Seven Major Mistakes of Homo Sapiens” and “How We Saved Civilization” for consideration, inviting the congregation’s thoughts during the talk-back session that follows.

All attending are invited to stay for coffee & light nourishment after conclusion of the  Service; the fellowship Board meeting follows at 12:00 noon and is open to everyone.  The Blue Hills UU is located at 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake. 

March 1, 2020

In honor of Aldo Leopold Week March 1-8th , the Blue Hills Unitarian Universalists will consider the work of this noted Wisconsin environmentalist at Service March 1st.  Leopold’s legacy continues in league with other influential naturalists from Wisconsin – John Muir, Gaylord Nelson, August Derleth and a shared legacy with Minnesota’s Sigurd Olson.  

Jude Genereaux will lead the 10:00 service at BHUU, inviting participants to bring remembrances and meaningful passages of these great Wisconsinites to share during the talk back session following.

All are welcome at BHUU, and to stay for fellowship and light snacks after the service.  We are located at 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake and invite you to attend.      


Jude Genereaux
Aldo Leopold 1887-1948

February 23, 2020

As a member of the Seattle Men’s Chorus, David Hart found music, the enjoyment and making of, brought some of life’s finest hours to his own life as well as others.  A former Baptist minister, Dave will share his thoughts and musical talent in conducting the service at Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist fellowship Sunday February 23rd;   his sermon will address “Coming Out Through Music”, offering insight and understanding.

Following time for fellowship and light snacks after the 10:00 service, the BHUU’s will gather for a monthly drum circle at 12:00 noon.  All are invited to visit the fellowship, located at 230 W Messenger St in Rice Lake.

Seattle Men’s Chorus

February 16, 2020

Sunday February 16th brings fellow member Judith Barisonzi to lead the 10:00 Service at Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist fellowship.  Reporting on a recent Webinar series offered through our national UUA affiliation, “Small Congregations, Infinite Possibilities”, her message will seek to define the nature of small congregations.  During the talk-back session, those interested will be invited to help lay the groundwork for ways a  small group may build sustainable strength.      

This particular Sunday also offers time for religious education offered to younger members, and is followed by the third Sunday Potluck every one is invited to attend.  BHUU is located at 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake.

Judith Barisonzi
Third Sunday Pot Luck