April 26, 2020

An award winning poet and author of non-fiction, Richard Terrill of Mankato, Minnesota will lead the Blue Hills UU’s in service Sunday April 26.  An accomplished musician as well, retired academic Terrill is steeped in the creative passages;  his message will consider the “Free & Responsible Search – UU Principles & the Creative Process”. Terrill comments “The way in which many artists go about their work can help us to appreciate the richness that following this principle can lend to our lives”. The morning is fairly sure to stoke our passions and imagination.

Once again we will gather through the magic of ZOOM > BHUU members will find the ZOOM link needed on their “April Calendar”, and more than likely a prompt will arrive later this week.   All are welcome to participate however, so serious parties interested may contact Ken Hood > ken@bluehillsuu.org for the link needed to take part in the service.