Easter Sunday * April 12, 2020

After a good start gathering on ZOOM last week, the Blue Hills Unitarians will be together again for Easter Sunday, this April 12th – via ZOOM. Members will find the link needed on their “April Calendar”, but all are welcome, so serious parties interested in participating may contact Ken Hood > ken@bluehillsuu.org for the link needed to take part in the service.

Pat Shifferd will lead the service through BHUU’s usual rituals of lighting the chalice, joys & concerns and our closing circle; her message will focus on the two most significant religious observances in Western culture: Jewish Passover and Christian Easter. What do these mean to you personally? And to us as Unitarians? Each person attending will be offered time to share their reflections.

We’ll begin @ 10:00. Hopefully we’re getting the hang of linking in and can begin with a full house. Our cyber-space Guru Ken Hood will be available to help those who need it at the above link. “See you” on Sunday!