June 13, 2021

The UU’s of the Blue Hills Fellowship in Rice Lake welcome Chaplain Dennis Peters of Hillsdale to conduct the Sunday Service, June 13t at 10 a.m.   Ch Peters invites us to explore “Stardust.”   Using Carl Sagan’s famous observation “The cosmos is within each of us.  We are made of star-stuff …”  from the calcium in our teeth, to the iron in our blood “we are a way for the universe to know itself.”   Ch Peters invites us to consider the Sagan assessment as a jumping off point to understand what “stardust” may actually mean to us.

BHUU has returned to in-person gatherings at 230 W. Messenger, with some alternating Services to continue on Zoom.  June 13th will be held in the fellowship hall, and require all those attending be vaccinated.  If there are those who are not, please then wear a mask.  Please see our home page for specifics.