October 3, 2021

This first Sunday of October, the 3rd, our Blue Hills Fellowship with welcome Duama Bremer to update us on news of a new homeless shelter being created in Barron.  We will be gathering in the building this week, with time for fellowship and gnoshing after the 10:00 Service with our guest.

The tech-wizards in our Fellowship have created a hybrid model for programming of Services, combining those who want to gather in the building, with others linked in remotely through ZOOM. Sometimes the presenter will be at the church and those on ZOOM will be able to see and participate.  Conversely, if the presenter is at a remote location, those who wish to gather at the church can see the presentation on screen, participate, and enjoy each other’s company as well. Links will be sent out on Saturdays. If you have not been vaccinated, we request that you wear a mask while in the church building.

Fellowship Hall