September 19, 2021

Visiting Chaplain Dennis Peters will tackle the issue of “White Privilege” on  September 19th with members of the Blue Hills Universalist-Unitarian Fellowship ub Rice Lake, 230 W. Messenger St.  

“What is White Privilege? Is it real? Are non-whites, Black, Indigenous, other people of color, including Asians and Pacific Islanders actually lazy and unwilling to work for the rewards that hardworking whites have gained? Or is our country stacked against anyone who doesn’t have light enough skin?”  Ch Peters was inspired by a recent conversation with someone who felt there was no such thing as White Privilege, generating the Service he will share with the BHUU’s this coming Sunday. 

Chaplain Dennis Peters

Blue Hills UU welcomes all to attend our 10 a.m. Services, with fellowship and gnoshing afterwards.  Having resumed gathering “in-person” at the fellowship hall, those attending are expected to be vaccinated or wear a mask.   Services are also transmitted on Zoom, some for access later. Please see our website at for specifics.