August 14, 2022

Blue Hills Unitarian Universalists welcome guest lay leader Arthur Thexton Sunday August 14th, to explore how one goes about “Finding Respect in an Age of Contempt.” Thexton notes “We live in difficult times: an ex-president who displays disrespect at every turn, and so invites it in return. An electorate so angry and disgusted that it turned to the most extreme alternative we have seen in our lifetimes. A Congress with ratings so low that it is a wonder that any member is re-elected, or even has the chutzpah to run again. Yet, here we are. How do we find a way to respect those whom we hold in contempt?”

The 10 a.m. Service will be led by Mr Thexton, a former Rice Lake resident and attorney for Barron County, followed by a lively discussion time expected to follow. All who seek insight are welcomed at Blue Hills UU, 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake.

Arthur Thexton

Those interested in attending a “free-range discussion” time before the service, are invited to tune in to Zoom at 9 a.m. or be at the church to take part. Wearing of masks will be again be required for those attending at the church, in accordance with current CDC recommendations for our area; we expect all to be fully vaccinated. Services are also broadcast on Zoom, the link sent to members although all who are interested are invited to contact for the same.