February 6, 2022

Our fellowship has a long honored tradition of holding SOAP BOX SUNDAY in the depths of winter, which we will again use to kick off February!  Poke about your gray matter for a topic you’ve been wanting to give more exposure to — something that provokes your ire?  Or perhaps an event you’d like more attention be given to.  

Whatever vent-worthy issue it might be, we’ll ask for topics from our membership of deep thinkers, knowing the opportunity to prompt discussion won’t be lost on this fellowship.   We’ll try to keep each topic to a concise time period so to accommodate all the titillating topics we expect will come forth.

The Service begins at 10 a.m. via Zoom;  those wishing to attend in person are encouraged to join us in the fellowship hall.  Those attending in person must be fully vaccinated and at the present time, masking and proper distancing will be observed.  The Zoom link will be sent to members, and all interested are invited to contact patriciashifferd@gmail.com for the link needed.  See bluehillsuu.org for more information.