April 16, 2023

Have you ever had occasion to ask yourself “Who am I?” Most of the human theological stances define human beings as body, mind and spirit, or soul.  Where in all of that does the individual reside?  What part remains after a traumatic brain injury?  Or Alzheimer’s?

Chaplain Dennis Peters will share with the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists personal experiences that caused him to explore this intricate topic during the Sunday Service, April 16th.  A lively discussion is expected to follow.

Ch Dennis Peters & Lily

Blue Hills UU Sunday Services begin at 10 a.m.  All are invited to attend in the sanctuary at 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom. The Zoom link is sent to members, although all interested may request it from patriciashifferd@gmail.com.  Gathering for fellowship & coffee after the service is encouraged. https://bluehillsuu.org