October 1, 2023

What actually is “Wokeism”?  Our Vice Chairman, David Hart will explore the topic with fellow Unitarian-Universalists at Blue Hills Fellowship’s Sunday Service, October 1st.   Dave asks “Have we gone too far with “Identity Politics”?  In part a review of Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s book “I’ll Burn That Bridge When I Get To It”, Dave will consider the effect “wokeism” has had on working class politics, and the backlash to it.  What too, may be the effect on academic freedom in America today?

After experiencing many years living in South Korea, Dave will surely bring a distinct perspective to the topic, impacted by his experience living in a unique and contrasting culture. 

BHUU’s Dave Hart

All are invited to attend services in the sanctuary at 10 a.m. Sundays, 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom.  For those attending service on Zoom, the Order of Service is attached, below.  Zoom link is sent to members, but all interested may request it by contacting patriciashifferd@gmail.com. https://bluehillsuu.org