September 17, 2023

As the Congregational Life Consultant for the Midwestern Region of UUA, Rev Phil Lund MN will address the Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Sunday September 17th.   His message will focus on the importance of UU’s historical  mission of being a welcoming religion.   Lund notes that “As the number of people seeking religious community continues to decline, the importance of UU’s ability to be our most responsive selves, is an asset that becomes more important than ever.” 

Rev Lund of has served the Midwestern UU congregations in the area of faith formation and spiritual growth as a religious educator for over twenty years;  he holds a Master of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and resides in St Paul, MN.

Rev Phil Lund

All are invited to attend services in the sanctuary at 10 a.m. Sundays, 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom.  For those attending service on Zoom, the Order of Service is attached, below.  Zoom link is sent to members, but anyone interested may request it by contacting