February 11, 2024

Member, and sage UUA Delegate, Judy Barisonzi, will share insight with the Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship on our status as a “Welcoming Congregation,” at our Sunday Service, February 11th.  “What does this really mean?”, ponders Barisonzi – “… perhaps the term “welcoming” is actually a goal that needs re-examination.”  We will discuss our successes and brainstorm ways to improve in our desire to be welcoming place for all.

The UUA developed a “Welcoming Congregation Handbook” in 1987, but  discontinued it in 2014, noting that the Handbook was once treated in & of itself as a Welcoming Congregation Program, but this no longer the case, as so many more resources are now available from the UUA and elsewhere. The UUA website notes that the “program” is meant to be custom designed by members of a particular congregation to take their unique needs and situation into account.

All are invited to attend services in the sanctuary at 10 a.m. Sundays, 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom;  the zoom link is sent to members, but all interested may request it by contacting patriciashifferd@gmail.com. https://bluehillsuu.org