April 5, 2020

Your intrepid Board has conjured and contrived ways to hang-together through this challenging STAY HOME & BITE IT time zone. We will begin on APRIL 5 to gather in cyberspace via ZOOM. Members all received detailed instructions yesterday on the April Calendar. (edit, for security reasons the ZOOM meeting link is not posted public — If you do not have the link please email kchood@gmail.com and Ken will provide you access)

It might be wise to download the app/program ahead of time for my fellow neanderthals who can hardly negotiate our own cell phones, as we attempt to broach the River Zoom.

Judy Barisonzi has an April morning planned for us that’s sure to lift your spirit and affirm the “why” of our bond, so we’ll “see you” on April 5th! With hope, peace and love in our hearts.

~Jude Genereaux, Board Chair