BULLETIN > 3/18/20

To:   Our fellow Blue Hills UU’s –

RE:   We’re BLUE … BOO hoo hoo …

Your Blue Hills UU Board will be following not only the directives of WI Public Health agencies and Gov Evers, but our own good conscience, and deferring services until such time as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.   There will be one.   


We’re also looking to find ways to stay in contact with YOU and each other – email is excellent, we have a website and a Facebook page … and both our Regional and national UUA are setting up various manners of staying in touch via cyberspace.  We will advise you of all.  This link will take you to the Regional:  uua.org/midamerica

So stay in contact, keep us posted as to your status / stay well and Keep the Faith ~ we’ll be back! 
Your fearless leaders –


Jude Gx, Mark VanEtten, Pat Shifferd, Judy Barisonzi, Valerie Rude, David Hart & Linda Thompson