September 4, 2022

This coming Sunday, September 4th.  we will gather in the backyard of our Blue Hills UU at 11 a.m. to commemorate “Ingathering”, with our traditional ceremony, celebrating our expected seasonal returns.  We will also enjoy a  much missed potluck luncheon.

Please bring a stone from your summer travels to add to our table of remembrances, and perhaps share with others what meaning it carries.  It could be from a special place, or perhaps it brings to mind something important to you?

Bring a dish to share following the brief service, and perhaps a lawn chair to meet either in the yard or the church downstairs.  If you don’t wish to navigate the inside stair case, come around the south end of the building where you will find the recently rebuilt steps at the back of the building.   


If you find yourself otherwise engaged this Labor Day weekend, you’re invited to send your commemorative rock with a friend, or we will find a time at later services for you to contribute.   This Sunday Service will not be on Zoom, and the “Discussion Hour” not held – so save your topic for Sept 11th when both will reZoom.   Wearing masks is again optional for those attending inside the church as current CDC recommendations for our area have been upgraded;  all are expected to be fully vaccinated.