September 11, 2022

PR 2022-09-11

Unitarian Universalist Congregational Life Consultant, Rev Phil Lund will conduct the Service at Blue Hills UU Sunday, September 11th., at 10 a.m.   His message, “Not Just Foolishly Romantic” is intended to help us be hopeful in these challenging times.

“Being hopeful is more than being foolishly romantic”, according to historian Howard Zinn.  It does however, require some effort on our part.  Rev Lund shares the good news, that every congregation can tap into the energy it needs to act to make this world a better place. Be with us as we explore how we can make this happen —individually and collectively—by “behaving magnificently” in defiance of all the hurt and heartbreak around us.

Rev Phil Lund

All who seek insight are welcome at Blue Hills UU, 230 W Messenger in Rice Lake. Those interested in attending a “free-range discussion” time before the service, are invited to tune in to Zoom at 9 a.m. or be at the church to take part.  Services are also broadcast on Zoom; the link is sent to members, but all who are interested are invited to contact for the same.

Gathering for fellowship & coffee after the service is encouraged.  Wearing masks is optional for those attending at the church;  all are expected to be fully vaccinated.