October 30, 2022

Blue Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship member, Dr. Kent Shifferd, will share an “Encounter With Buddhism”, his experiences and thoughts on Buddhism, at the Sunday, October 30th Service, 10 a.m.  Shifferd presents an overview of this way of thinking and living, noting its rapid popularity in the U.S. 

Considered a philosophy and a moral discipline, Buddhism originated in India, founded by Siddhartha Gautama in the 6th and 5th centuries BC, who according to legend, had been a Hindu prince.  Shifferd will lead us to consider what makes Buddhist Dharma an important path to finding peace of mind, as well as peace in today’s world.  

Dr. Kent Shifferd

All seeking insight are welcome at BHUU.  Both the 10 a.m. Service and a free-range discussion period at 9 a.m. may be accessed via Zoom.  The link is sent to members, but all interested may contact patriciashifferd@gmail.com for the link.   Wearing masks is optional for those attending in person, although recommendations of the CDC are followed;  all are expected to be fully vaccinated.   Gathering for fellowship & coffee after the service is encouraged.