November 6, 2022

Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists welcome Arthur Thexton to the Rice Lake congregation Sunday, November 6th to conduct the Service.  As election information and concerns fill the airwaves, many of us are challenged with the need to be “Coping with an Ugly Political Climate.”   Mr Thexton will seek to find ways to lead us to that goal.

Noting that our country was born in violent revolution, our right to vote is written in the blood of the patriots who fought for our independence.  Fundamental freedom was again defended with blood in the Civil War and again in the war against Hitler.  Thus, Thexton notes “It seems fitting and proper to reflect upon the meaning of the political campaigns that now routinely lead up to our voting, 246 years after the Revolution, 160 years after the Civil War, and 80 years after World War II.  If I’m not mistaken, no one is happy with the tenor of politics in 2022. How shall we cope?”

Arthur Thexton

The Sunday Service begins at 10 a.m. and all seeking insight are welcome at BHUU.  Both the service and a free-range discussion period at 9 a.m. may be accessed via Zoom.  The link is sent to members, but all interested may contact for the link.   Wearing masks is optional for those attending in person, although recommendations of the CDC are followed;  all are expected to be fully vaccinated.   Gathering for fellowship & coffee after the service is encouraged.