November 13, 2022

BHUU member and resident story teller Pat Barry takes front & center this coming Sunday, November 13th., to continue with Part II of her mission to encourage all to gather their stories together.  In June, Pat conducted our UU Service in sync with “How we Story our Lives” and relates that this week “We will continue to look at, and discuss the stories we’ve developed about ourselves and how these histories have affected us.”

Barry notes that she plans to encourage the fellowship to spend a little time telling our remembered, favorite tales, and will share a few prompts to inspire those attending.

Pat Barry

Sunday’s Service begins at 10:00;  all seeking insight are welcome at BHUU.  Both the service and a free-range discussion period at 9 a.m. may be accessed via Zoom.  The link is sent to members, but those interested may contact for this.  Wearing masks is optional for those attending in person, although recommendations of the CDC are followed;  we do expect all to be fully vaccinated.  Gathering for fellowship & coffee after the service is encouraged.