June 11, 2023

Sunday will be a very special day for all of us at Blue Hills UU, as we gather to honor the life of our dear Waldo Asp.  For many years, Waldo and his wife Irene have been members of BHUU, with dual residences in the Cities and Stone Lake.   A beloved man, Waldo worked tirelessly for our fellowship and his community, both inspirationally and as a skilled carpenter and volunteer in many arenas.  His list of projects is long, and his shadow reflected in every corner of our humble abode, as well as the Stone Lake and Hayward area.

Waldo and Irene Asp

Having lost his physical presence this past spring, March 21st at the age of 88, Irene and family, many friends and our members will gather at 10 a.m., Blue Hills UU, to remember Waldo, share memories and celebrate the many years we were gifted with his peaceful and inspiring presence;  both as a pastor and a teacher, Waldo was a living example of how to live an inclusive life.  

All are invited to attend at the sanctuary, 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake at 10 a.m.