June 18, 2023

In Sunday Service, 10 a.m. June 18th, our traveling Chaplain Dennis Peters will challenge the fellowship of Blue Hills Unitarian-Universalists to consider what constitutes “Golden” as a standard in human relationship. 

How do we treat family members? Pets?  Do we aim for the best for them and treat them well? What about neighbors? Not just the ones considered to be friends, but how about the one who keeps threatening to sue those around him over property line or other disputes – or those who generate conspiracy theories about… everything?   How does the “Golden Rule” impact and inspire your life?

Ch Dennis Peters and Lily

We expect a lively discussion to be part of our morning with Ch Peters, and invite all to attend at the sanctuary, 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom.  The Zoom link is sent to members, but all who may be interested may request it by contacting patriciashifferd@gmail.com. https://bluehillsuu.org