June 9, 2024

Our Fellowship hosts the itinerate lay preacher Arthur Thexton, Sunday morning, June 9th reminding us that even in summer time, when “the living is easy –” it may not really be a good idea to give ourselves a vacation from our religious lives just because it’s summer.  In fact, states Arthur “I’m sure it’s a bad idea;  just as if we practiced our beliefs only on Sundays and not the rest of the week.”

But the reality is that attendance at Sunday services falls off in summer.  And being a realist, Thexton adds that even though services continue, ministers & lay leaders plan them to engage their congregations “Knowing many won’t be there – so what we have to say must last until we see you again, in September!”  We congregants may not wise to miss these important messages!

Everyone is welcome and invited to attend BHUU Sunday services at 10 a.m., 230 W. Messenger, Rice Lake, or on Zoom;  the zoom link is sent to members, although all interested may request it by contacting patriciashifferd@gmail.com. https://bluehillsuu.org