Sunday, April 2nd Schedule

9:15 Forum: Transcendentalism series #10, theodore parker

“Theodore Parker was an American Transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church.  A reformer and abolitionist, his words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

10:30 Service: The shaman, the scientist, and the swamp walker

Bob Hasman will lead a service about what it means to be a shaman, a scientist, and a swamp walker and what these three categories have in common.  The service will also include a short ceremony for welcoming new members to the Fellowship.  Please come and join in welcoming Dana and Colten.

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

12:00 Board meeting, all are welcome

Sunday March 26 Schedule


Dana Lind will be leading a very timely and interesting discussion about how to kindly interact with people you disagree with.  It’s easy for us to put up walls when another person’s beliefs or viewpoints are so different from our own.  Dana will share some tips to practice compassionate listening, understanding, and asking questions in order to try to find common ground or human connection in conversations with others who we might strongly disagree with.

10:30 Service: Myth,magic, and folklore

Phil Cooper and Susan Urban are full time touring musicians that form the duo called February Sky.  They will be leading a lively program that combines “traditional, modern, and original folk and Celtic music” with enlightening services for all ages, February Sky is set to deliver a lively program on “Myth, Magic and Folklore.”

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, March 19th Schedule


There will be a documentary showing of “Before the Flood” and a discussion to follow.  In the documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio collaborates with activists, scientists, and change makers to discuss how climate change is impacting life as we know it and how everyday people can be a part of the solution.  Child care will be provided during the film.

11:30 Potluck

As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!  Bring a dish to pass if you please 🙂

Sunday, March 12th Schedule

9:15 Forum: common read discussion continued

Jude Genereaux will be leading the continuation of the book discussion on the UU common read, “The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear.”

10:30 Service: the measure of all things

Our speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Bruce Johnson, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth.  He will be talking about the varied teachings of Humanism and about how to “heed the guidance of reason and the results of science, and warn us against idolatries of mind and spirit.”

11:30 coffee, tea, and snacks

Sunday, March 5th Schedule

9:15 Forum: Discussion of the uua’s common read

Linda Tollefsrud will be facilitating the discussion of the book “The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear.”

10:30 Service: Norsk Myth & Predictions of the Future

Waldo Asp delves into the timelessness of Nordic myths; of how they reflect what we believe to be true, and how myths have and will continue to facilitate our predictions for the future, especially for those discovering the planet and cosmos.

11:30 Coffee, tea, and snacks

12:00 board meeting: all are welcome to attend

Sunday, February 19 Schedule

9:15 Forum: altruism

Rena and Bryan Wetzel-Curtis will be leading a discussion about the selfless concern for all of life and how this practice brings benefits to all parties.  How altruism can contribute to a more peaceful planet will be a great topic to think and talk about.

10:30 Service: Reader’s Theater: “god and gabe”

The play, written by Kent Shifferd, features a conversation between God and the Angel Gabriel. God is trying to make sense of humans and has Gabe bring various people before Him so he can question them.


11:30 Potluck

As always, wholesome food, hot coffee, and enlightening conversation will be had at our third Sunday potluck!

Sunday, February 12 Schedule

9:15 Forum: Poetry discussion: Robert Frost’s “The Draft Horse”

Judy Barisonzi will be leading the discussion of Robert Frost’s poem, “The Draft Horse.” Our poetry discussions are fun and engaging, and the more people who add their perspective, the more everyone will get out of it.

10:30 Service: Hildegard of bingen: What does this 12th century woman offer us?

Pat Schifferd will talk about Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th century mystic and composer, has also been characterized as being: scientist, ecologist, pantheist, feminist.  But who was she really?  The talk will attempt to discern who the real Hildegard was.

11:30 Coffee and snacks


Sunday, February 5th Schedule

9:15 Forum: Thoreau’s PoliticsImage result for thoreau

In the 8th part of the Transcendentalism Series, we will see how central Henry David Thoreau’s ideas were to democracy, freedom, and the role of the individual. This part highlights our right to abide by a higher law than the rules of our institutions.

10:30 Service: When Helping HurtsImage result for mlk what are you doing for others

Linda Tollefsrude offers a service that looks at “helping” in a different light. Sacrifices can be painful, but they are essential to our relationships.



11:30 Coffee and Snacks

12:00  Board Meeting